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Crystyl Mo

Are you knocking it out of the park?

Do you already "have it all"?

Or are there a few areas you'd still like to challenge yourself to explore

(Or maybe you have a few voices in your head that say no, you can't have it all, stop fantasizing and just accept things as they are.)


Maybe if you just had the right champion.

I am the only certified Bulletproof Coach in China, and one of less than 300 in the world. Bulletproof Coaching is the world's leading International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited health coach training program.


As your coach, I am fully committed to work as your partner on the journey.

I've incorporated Bulletproof principles with the world's most effective and compassionate modalities to create my own holistic practice: Crystylized Coaching. My clients' success is testimony to the effectiveness of this approach.

It’s rare to find a coach who listens so deeply, asks all the right questions, and organically leads you to mind-blowing insights about what is actually going on in your head.
— R. Tu, Musician & Producer


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We'll discuss how you can access your authentic self and craft the life you love.

It's all in your power when you take the time to listen to yourself--and sometimes you need a partner.

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I coach clients to discover their true powers of:



conscious parenting



Ask Yourself

Do you wake up and feel:

I live in the moment and love my career. My relationships are healthy, vital and revitalizing. I spend each day on meaningful work, my body is at the peak of health, and I sleep like a (proverbial) baby.

Yes? Let's talk and explore your next frontier.

No? Let's talk and discover your path to your full potential.


Bulletproof Coaching, Hakomi, & Internal Family Systems

I have integrated the most powerful modalities I have studied into my coaching practice.

Bulletproof Coaching is presence-based listening from the heart to guide clients to their deepest insights into themselves and their purpose. It also incorporates the latest wellness science to customize nutrition, exercise, sleep and meditation. 

Hakomi and Internal Family Systems (IFS) are compassionate practices to open our self understanding, internal and external awareness in profound new ways.


Coaching Packages

We start with a free 30-minute Discovery Session. If we decide to work together, you choose a coaching package of twelve sessions or more. Contact me here for my package rates.

Sessions can be every week or every other week. Sessions are by web video call. 


Crystyl is one of those rare finds in a coach. One who is both grounded, authentic and genuinely compassionate, coupled with true breadth of skill, knowledge, experience and the capacity to bring deep change. If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to coach with her, then seize it.

Rod Francis, Head Coach Trainer, Bulletproof Training Institute

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"As an entrepreneur and executive, I take a series of coaching sessions with Crystyl as part of my personal development plan.

I have gained new understanding of my mind/body connection, and how my past influences my decisions on every level today. The insights have helped me to change unwanted behaviors and rise to new levels in meditation. 

-Jesper Lodahl, Serial Entrepreneur, Health Evangelist, & Founder of Limitless8.me 

"Crystyl coached me through a very difficult period. She offered exercises and new perspectives which helped me take control of my life and create a realistic pathway to becoming the person I want to be.

- R. Tu, Musician, Singer & Producer


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