What is your vision of the ideal friendship?

Is it a big circle of friends who plan incredible surprise birthdays for you?

Is it one best friend who you see as your soul mate?

Maybe it's a handful of friends with whom you can really be you.

Are your friendships thriving?

Do you have a friend you'd count on at 2am when you've had an accident? What about at 2pm when you want to share a small success?

How often are you disappointed by your friends? Or vice versa?

Do you ever feel lonely, like there's no friend by your side?


In this workshop we will dissect the media's simplistic and romanticized portrayal of friendship (think Sex in the City or Friends). Who really has friendships like that? Is that even possible?

What did we learn about friendship as children, as teenagers, as young adults and are those beliefs helping or hindering us as friends today?

What are the unspoken taboos or past hurts and how are those blocking us from developing our friendships?


Through discussion, guided meditations and practical exercises, we'll explore what friendship really means to us and how to develop and create such friendships.



Over three dates we will:

‣ Gain clarity about our heart's ideal of friendship

‣ Practice the profound vulnerability needed to bring friendships to the next level

‣Genuinely advance the friendships we've chosen as priorities



Time: Three afternoons, 3-5pm, dates shared by email

Venue: Fitspace, 5th Fl, 969 Wuding Lu, near Changde Lu 武定路969号,近常德路

Request to be informed on next scheduled workshop: Add WeChat mscrystyl (or scan my WeChat QR code) and mention Friendship Workshop OR email (coaching @ crystyl.com)

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Crystyl coaches her clients around the world in the art of mastering their relationships.


Work with Crystyl to purposefully craft fulfilling relationships (starting with yourself) and realize your greatest potential at work, at home and in every encounter throughout your day. Learn practical tools and exercises that enable you to shift the way you show up to others to deepen understanding, connection, love and compassion.

Crystyl Mo, Life Coach and Food Writer, understands the drive of wanting to do it all. Veteran food journalist and TV guest, Academy Chair for The World's 50 Best Restaurants, Strategic Advisor and Partner at Bon App, Bulletproof Coach, daughter, sister, wife and mother; she has found that mastering relationships is what gives her the ability to balance it all.